Some tips for job hunters

Andrew Reiffenberger USA Herald Byline
Andrew Reiffenberger Byline From USA Herald

I contributed three articles on Tips for Job Hunting

USA Herald was good enough to publish some articles on my job hunting tips. I wrote three pieces that covered a range of tips for job hunters. I talked about social media, keywords for resumes and resume writing, interviewing tips and several other topics. It was a lot of fun to write these and I got a good response from them.

An Interesting Experience

Writing an article is an interesting experience. The USA Herald editor has their standards to maintain so they insist that it be a certain length and voice. Since it was a piece on my opinions I was able to write about what I want. When it was done it got a healthy dose or proofing and editing too. Writing on a blog is a lot easier and less pressure.

Giving Back

It was really rewarding and feels like a way to give back. Recruiting is a bit like being a matchmaker. You need to ask good questions to understand the company and their needs and the candidates. It isn’t about closing a job opening or placing someone, it is about the right fit. A bad employment decision has been shown to cost a company many thousands of dollars it is very important that the fit be right.

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