As a professional, Andrew Reiffenberger is FORWARD-THINKING, GOAL-ORIENTED SALES EXECUTIVE experienced in creating SHARED VALUE ACROSS STAKEHOLDERS by leveraging strength in DEVELOPING COLLABORATIVE, TRUST-BASED RELATIONSHIPS with clients and staff to create win-win solutions.

Andrew has experience across a range of industries, creating COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE by taking key learnings from one industry and applying them to others.  Andrew has disciplined commitment to FOSTERING ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH by:

~ Excellence in TEAM BUILDING; maximizing potential talent and creating teams who are best of the best in serving others through quality training curriculum development & delivery, responsive, proactive coaching, and setting clear expectations of resiliency and excellence in individual performance contributions to strategic corporate initiatives.

~ Excellence in BUILDING CLIENT LOYALTY; leading relationships with genuine, sincere interest in effectively meeting the needs of clients and staff members while maximizing ROI for the organization.

~ Excellence in DRIVING TOP-LINE REVENUES; consistently demonstrating initiative to attain optimized ROI, going above and beyond to develop and implement continuous-improvement business models and Best Practice methods.


Independent of his professional career, Andrew is a proud dad of 3 children along with his loving wife. Andrew is an avid sports fan along with a food lover!

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